The 5 W’s of a Site Check

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive from clients is, “What is a site check and do I need one?” Many people get confused on when and why they may need a site check. To better explain the logic and logistics behind a site check, we present the 5 W’s of a site check:

1. What?

What exactly is a site check, you may ask? A site check can be needed for a variety of reasons, but it usually entails a member of our operations staff visiting the exact venue of the event to measure for tenting, flooring, staging, and other items. Your Account Manager will be the person to schedule a site check for you and coordinate the date and time between you and our operations staff. We will also let you know if a site check is even necessary. In some cases, our operations staff may feel confident enough in the venue location, that they already know the measurements and layout of the land.

2. Who?

Who exactly needs to attend a site check? In most cases, you, the client, will be expected to attend the site check so you can detail exactly where and how you would like your event to be laid out. This gives our operations staff detail on where and what they need to measure. One of our operations staff is always in attendance on site checks, as they understand the labor that goes into assembling our tents, stages, dance floors, etc. Your Account Manager may also be in attendance if he or she has additional questions on the order.

3. When?

We normally like to do site checks when your order is still in quote form. This helps you get the most accurate pricing information, which can vary based on the information gathered during our site check. The site check may determine what size tent, stage, or flooring you need, which will ultimately effect the price. In standard procedure, your Account Manager will put together a preliminary quote for you and then schedule the site check at your earliest convenience. Our site checks normally take place during standard business hours: Monday – Friday, 9am – 4pm and we do our best to schedule it at a date and time that will be most convenient for you.

4. Where?

It is very important that site checks take place at the actual event location. We’ve done site checks at private residences, popular venues around Nashville, family farms, and more! We will meet you at the event venue to accurately measure and look over the space.

5. Why?

This is probably the biggest question to answer, “Why do I need a site check?” Site checks can be necessary for a variety of reasons. In some cases, we simply need to measure your space for a tent. In other cases, we need to measure the space, as well as scope out the best areas to stake the tent without interfering with irrigation systems and/or power lines. Site checks are also needed for any difficult tenting, flooring, or logistic scenarios. For instance, we may need to perform a site check if you are wanting to tent off your porch area. We will need to come measure the porch and logistically plan out the layout of the tent area and stake points. We also do site checks for extensive flooring projects. During these site checks, it is important for us to determine how we plan on building the floor, whether the ground is sloped, and whether you have adequate space for the floor. We may even need to perform a site check simply to determine load in areas and the best way for our operations staff to set up if your event is at a private residence. We take great care to avoid scratches and scuffs when we set up an event in a private residence, which means measuring door frames and taking into account all personal furniture that will be present day of the load in. We want to leave your home in the exact shape it was before we arrived!

Ultimately, your Account Manager will determine whether a site check is necessary and, if so, will coordinate it with you. Site checks also provide a wonderful opportunity for our operations staff to meet the client in person prior to the delivery date. This makes the whole load in process go much smoother! Have you ever had to have a site check? Do you have any examples of site checks that went wrong? Share with us in the comments section!

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