DIY Gold Geometric Hanging Planters

DIY Gold Geometric Hanging Planters

If you saw our post on Navy and Coral Wedding Inspiration, then you may have noticed our gold geometric hanging planters in the window. Did you know they’re made out of strays? Yep, we DIYed those! Here’s the how-to:

DIY Hanging Geometric Planter


Faux Airplants


Straws (Gold or whatever pattern you’d like)

String or Twine

Spray Paint (optional)

Materials for DIY Hanging Geometric Planter

1) Cut straws to desired sizes – I cut one in half to make the top triangle portion and used two full-size straws for the bottom. String them in order on your twine and tie a tight knot at the top.

  Geometric Planter DIY

2) String another diamond exactly like the first one onto your twine and leave string at the top. Tie the two diamonds together to make a 3D shape.

  How to Make a Geometric Hanging Planter

3) Cut smaller pieces and secure the mid-section. Tie double knots at each point before adding the next straw onto the string.

 Instructions on how to make a geometric planter

4) Cut the loose strings on the ends except for the top hanging strings. Spray paint your desired color if you choose – be sure to cover every angle. 🙂

Hanging Geometric Planter

Here’s the full look with our faux florals and navy and coral table scape: