Featured Vendor: Petals & Fields

Lush florals and greenery and hanging installations, oh my! We can all agree that one of the best (and prettiest) parts about planning your wedding is floral design. With so many options available and trends making their way into the wedding world, it can be hard to decide what will look best on your big day. That’s why we recently got together with Alina White, owner of Petals & Fields, to learn more about her floral business and gather a few noteworthy tips for brides and grooms planning their upcoming wedding. Enjoy the photos of her beautiful work below!

Photo: Emily Anne Photo Art


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your company. 

My name is Alina White. I am 1 of 9 children (I’m the 9th one to be exact). In 2006 my family purchased a flower shop in Grankte Bay, CA that was 35 years old and it is still up and running! My love for gardening and flowers began to grow more and more since I was around so many flowers and not to mention, our huge garden at home. In 2014 I moved to Nashville. A few years later, I met my husband Seth and we got married in 2016. That same year we opened our wedding business, Petals & Fields. It’s been a fun few years so far!

What is your favorite thing about designing wedding florals?

My favorite thing about florals is being able to be inspired and interpret that inspiration through what nature brings.

Where do you look for inspiration?

Quiet nature walks, family, songwriting and fashion.

What are some exciting floral trends we can expect to see in 2019?

Designs and bouquets that have more flowers and less greenery! Also, more colors and incorporating dried elements.

Does the Pantone Color of the Year often influence your work?

I would say maybe 30% of my clients follow the Pantone color each year. Some people love the neutrals while others aren’t afraid to have pops of color or bold colors. I confess, I absolutely am thrilled when my brides want bursts of color! There’s nothing like it.

What tips or advice can you give to couples ordering wedding flowers?

I believe a few tips I would give a couple is find out what your budget is and keep in mind for most vendors, there’s a consultation fee for creating custom proposals/quotes for a wedding. Just like a wedding planner, you pay for their service of collecting information and customized quotes. The same can go for a florist. It sometimes takes a few hours to create a custom quote for your wedding. Especially if you have hanging installations, 250+ guests and a large bridal party.

Another thing I would bring to the couples attention is that flowers are a separate cost from labor and tax expenses. I feel like this is the #1 shock to most couples when in reality, on average, designing one wedding can take up to 40 hours total and that can mean needing to raise your budget or cutting back in different areas if you’re wanting that huge ceremony arbor with lush flowers.

To give you an idea, here is a snippet of what we do:

  1. We handle all ordering of your flowers and supplies on time so they can arrive fresh for the day of the wedding. The flowers are either purchased in season or imported from Japan, South America, California or Holland. Also, ensuring the quantity is correct.
  2. Work closely with our suppliers and select each flower and foliage to match the wedding of your dreams.
  3. Quality is huge for me! So I ensure my team stores the flowers in coolers, as well as have multiple designers and multiple vans/vehicles that deliver carefully.
  4. With delivery we also set up and tear down after your wedding so your family doesn’t have to!

Many thanks to Alina for sharing her floral business, Petals & Fields, with us! Head over to her website to view her gallery and contact her about florals for your upcoming wedding. Make sure to also follow her Instagram page to stay up to date on the latest floral trends!