3 Easy Holiday Napkin Folds to Impress Your Guests

Christmas is almost here! As you’re preparing for friends and family to arrive, don’t forget to put the finishing touches on your place setting! Incorporating a holiday napkin fold into your table design is an easy and fun way to add an extra special touch to your holiday meal. See below for three instructional videos of our favorite napkin folding techniques that are sure to bring joy to your guests at Christmas! Enjoy!

1.) Festive Christmas Tree

This traditional festive fold is a fun way to bring Christmas cheer to your table. You can even top with a star for an added detail!

Napkin Used: Light Olive Cotton


2.) Fancy Pocket Sleeve

This creative and useful napkin fold provides a cozy spot to slide your flatware – or add a touch of greenery to complement your table runner!

Napkin Used: White Hemstitch


3.) Pretty Bow

This elegant napkin bow is pretty as can be! This fold elevates your place setting for the holidays and is sure to help make your entire tablescape sparkle!

Napkin Used: Burgundy Majestic



DIY Heart Napkin Fold


In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re bringing you a tutorial – DIY Heart Napkin Fold! We took full advantage of this napkin fold on our February display table. This heart napkin fold would look great on your sweetheart table for Valentine’s Day, or even for a baby shower! Here’s how we did it:

1) Set your square napkin out on a flat surface.

2) Fold the napkin in half to create a triangle – the two opposite points will be joined together.


3) Fold each of the long corners up and to the middle point.



4) Tuck each of the top points under slightly to create a heart shape, leaving the back piece up.


5) Gently flip the napkin over.


6) Fold the top point down so it touches the bottom point.


7) Flip the napkin over one more time. You will see the heart begin to take shape.


8) Tuck the side corners under so the sides have a curved look. And there you have it – a heart napkin fold!


Here it is styled on our February table scape:


We hope you enjoy this tutorial – stay tuned for more DIY tutorials from Liberty Party Rental this year!