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Whenever we have brides or event planners in our showroom, they are looking for the one thing that is going to set their event apart from all of the others. With so many weddings/events going on every year, how can yours stand out and be truly unique to who you are? One solution is with your rentals, and we are seeing exciting new options out there for brides and planners! Check out some of the different ideas we’ve seen on Pinterest, the web, or from our own inventory:

Colored Chiavaris: Painting or renting colored Chiavari chairs is one way to really pump some excitement into your event! With so much color going on in the chairs, allow your tablescape to remain neutral and use your florals to provide additional pops of color.

    (photo provided by

Bamboo Chairs: These chairs are true showstoppers. They are so unique that we only have a limited inventory of them! For a modern event though, they provide an eclectic touch that will have your guests talking all night.

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Mirrored Tabletops: Using mirrors as a part of your tablescape not only brings a fresh element to your event, but it also maximizes the light in the room through the reflections. If you love sparkle, this could be the look for you!

 (photo provided by

Custom Monogrammed Pillows: Lounge seating is one of the hottest trends for events in 2013 and has been for the past few seasons. As a result, couples are coming up with a unique way to make an impact. Customized pillows! We’ve seen monograms, wedding dates, quotes, you name it! Corporate event planners can get in on the trend by placing logos and company colors on their pillows.

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Ghost Chairs: Acrylic pieces are all the rage! From tables, to display pieces, to altars, acrylic brings a unique, modern look to any event. Our personal favorite acrylic piece happens to be the Ghost Chair. These chairs are one-of-a-kind and bring huge impact to any event. Your guests won’t be able to stop talking about them or stop staring at them!

(photo provided by K.G. Photography)

(photo provided by Schenk Photography)

What are some unique elements you’ve seen at recent events? Share with us in the comment section!

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