How To: DIY Gold Glitter Centerpiece Bottles

Over here at Liberty, we are loving everything gold, shiny, and glittery! When the opportunity came to decorate a display table for an event, we let the glitz and glam loose! How did we do it? By spray painting and glittering bottles gold! Check out our DIY Gold Glitter Bottle Tutorial:

DIY Gold Glitter Bottles

What you’ll need:

Newspaper or Dropcloth

Gold Glitter

Gold Spray Paint

Empty Jars and Wine Bottles

Spray Glue (we used Elmer’s Spray Adhesive)


Paper Towels


Medium to Large Bowl

1) Start by laying down some newspaper and spray paint each bottle. Remember to hold the spray can far away from the bottle to get an even coat. Let them dry.

Gold Bottles1

2) Next, fill the bowl with your gold glitter. Take a bottle and spray it with your adhesive spray and lift it into your glitter bowl. Sprinkle the glitter generously over the entire bottle. You can respray some spots you’ve missed with your adhesive spray and re-glitter. Set aside on newspaper when done.

Gold Bottles2

3) Now, if you want to get fancy with it, tape a paper towel around a bottle and leave a few inches showing at the bottom. Make sure your paper towel line is straight. Spray just the bottom with your adhesive spray then coat with gold glitter. Let dry then remove paper towel.

Gold Bottles3

4) Voila! You now have a fancy collection of gold glitter centerpiece bottles!

Gold Bottles4

gold bottles

Take a look at how we styled it!



How did you style your gold glitter centerpieces?

51 thoughts on “How To: DIY Gold Glitter Centerpiece Bottles

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  3. This looks so expensive!!
    So I see you have used wine bottles but I’m wondering where you got the smaller bottles from? Are they also alcohol bottles?

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  5. I did these and they’re beautiful! I’m having a little trouble finding a clear coat that won’t dull the paint. Any suggestions. Btw, I used rustoleum metal gold, I tried kryleon  (sp) but it wasn’t a gold, more bronze.

    • So glad your bottles turned out! We did not use a clear coating, but it would be a great idea since the glitter can continue to fall off. I would try the Crystal Clear Krylon spray – hope this works and good luck!

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  12. hey it looks beautiful.
    I would like to know how many spray bottles did you need for all you bottles, which you did paint ( and how many winebottle and others you used)

    • Hello! So sorry you are seeing drips – the key is to hold the spray can far away from the bottle so you get an even coat. Also, try shaking up the paint a little more to avoid this from happening. And lastly, if the paint has been in extreme heat, cold or is old, this could be the cause of the dripping. Hope this helps! 🙂

  13. I did this and the glitter rubs off terribly. What do you recommend I use to keep the glitter from falling off and getting everywhere?


    • Hi Andrea. So sorry you’re having trouble with the glitter falling off. You can try painting a tacky glue onto the bottle and rolling it in the glitter. Then you can spray the glue adhesive over the glitter once it’s dry. This may help! Good luck!

    • Hi Claudia – we used multi-colored bottles. So you can adjust how many coats of spray paint you want to do to get the best color gold. Good luck!

    • Hey Briar! Yes – we did the gold dipped feathers, too! I dipped the top of the feather into tacky glue and then into the glitter – it was very simple! Good luck! 🙂

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    • Hi Kate! I did not sand the bottles. If you want the paint to last longer, I’d suggest doing multiple coats and letting them fully dry in between. Good luck!

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  17. Hi! I just recently did about 15 bottles… But unfortunately any time two bottles touch each other the paint rubs off ;((( how do I keep it from Coming off???

    • Hi Zay – Sorry the paint is rubbing off! I’d suggest spraying more coats of paint on and then applying a clear topcoat to the bottles. I hope this helps!

    • Hi Jacqulyn – I transported them in a cardboard box sectioned off for each bottle. Some glitter did fall off in the process, but you just had to be careful. You can always make touch ups on the bottles. Hope this is helpful!

  18. I use Hodge Podge once everything is dry..I put it on top of the comes out white..but once it’s girm..yet shiny

  19. To remove labels on wine bottle fill your sink with hot water and a scoop of powdered oxy clean. Submerge bottles for thirty minutes and the labels wipe right off adhesive and all with a wash cloth!

  20. Hi I loved how you did the bottles it’s great. I just got into doing them and I love it they make great decorations I would love it if u could share more of ur work with me

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