The 5 W’s of a Site Check

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive from clients is, “What is a site check and do I need one?” Many people get confused on when and why they may need a site check. To better explain the logic and logistics behind a site check, we present the 5 W’s of a site check:

1. What?

What exactly is a site check, you may ask? A site check can be needed for a variety of reasons, but it usually entails a member of our operations staff visiting the exact venue of the event to measure for tenting, flooring, staging, and other items. Your Account Manager will be the person to schedule a site check for you and coordinate the date and time between you and our operations staff. We will also let you know if a site check is even necessary. In some cases, our operations staff may feel confident enough in the venue location, that they already know the measurements and layout of the land.

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